Covid-19 – Important announcement from Infor for Infor customers & partners

Dear Sir/Madam,


Infor is aware of the potential impact of a global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on everyone, including our employees, customers, partners, and communities. We are working diligently to reduce the risk to our ecosystem as well as to ensure that our support and services continue without interruption.

Customer support, cloud operations, and Infor Consulting Services (ICS) are equipped to continue working without interruption. Through the use of technology/online tools, we plan to continue business as usual, progressing toward planned milestones and providing you with support. Our workforce is equipped with laptops, VPN access, and conferencing tools to be able to work from home as needed.


Rest assured that we are protecting our employees in affected areas by having them work remotely where practical, taking additional sanitary precautions, restricting visiting guests, and even physically closing some offices temporarily as needed.


All of our activities are directed by a cross-disciplinary global Crisis Management Team overseen by Infor executive leadership. We are closely monitoring the situation daily, and will adapt our recommendations, advice, and approaches as appropriate. Specific plans will be initiated at a local level around the world as the Crisis Management Team deems necessary.


Should you have questions or specific queries relating to the ongoing support of your business, please contact or your local account team, who will forward your questions to a representative within Infor’s Crisis Management Team for a response.


Best regards,


Kevin Samuelson
Chief Executive Officer

Om Info-team

Info-team er den norske brukerforeningen for brukere av Infors produkter med fokus på M3. Foreningen har eksistert i Norge siden 1986, og har som mål å være bindeledd mellom brukerne og Infor og Infors partnere.

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