ER (Product Enhancement Request) prioritization phase 1-30 June 2024

Just a reminder that the ER Prioritization Phase will be open 1-30 June 2024.  

As of 31 May 2024, the ERs that make it into the prioritization phase have met the minimum number of endorsements during the socialization phase and are now available for each organization/company to select its top ten.

  • You can no longer endorse an ER in the prioritization phase.
  • If your ER did not receive the minimum number of endorsements, they will not move to this phase.
  • The prioritization phase is an opportunity for customers to give Infor an idea of the “top 10” ERs they most want the PM team to develop.
  • Remember that the PM team takes various criteria into account when considering ERs for development.

Process timeline

  • The prioritization phase takes place only during the month of June of each year.
  • Each customer (organization/company) will be able to prioritize only ten ERs during that timeframe.

ER To be Archived phase

  • All ERs that did not obtain the minimum number of endorsements to move to the prioritization phase will be moved to our archive database.
  • ERs will be held in the view To be Archived for 60 days to allow customers-partners to copy and start on a new ER to be socialized again.
  • Once the ERs are archived, customers-partners will no longer have access to the details of the ERs.
  • The Archive Database is an exact replica of the live Product ERS but is only accessible by the PM team.


The Infor Product Enhancement Request System is accessible via Infor Concierge