Oppfordring fra Infor: Exploring Preferred Learning Formats for Infor OS – Focus Group

Goal: Infors goal is to gather valuable insights from customers regarding their preferred learning formats. Specifically, we aim to compare two formats: instructor-led training and eLearning. By understanding our customers’ preferences, we can enhance our learning programs and tailor them to better suit their needs.

Expectations: As a participant in this focus group, you will be invited to share your thoughts, feedback, and experiences related to learning formats. We encourage open and honest communication, as your input will directly influence the development of our future learning initiatives. Your active participation and willingness to express your preferences are greatly appreciated.


Benefits to Participants: By participating in this focus group, you will have the opportunity to shape the learning experience offered by our organization. Your valuable insights will help us create more effective and engaging learning programs that align with your preferences. Additionally, you will gain a deeper understanding of the different learning formats available, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your own learning journey.


If you are using Infor OS within your company and you or/and any of one of your colleagues are motivated by participating in this Infor Focus group, please contact toni.kennedy@infor.com